About Us

Noteflakes is a music publishing house dedicated to providing the best performing material for professional musicians. Our editions are based on primary sources when possible, and bring together high quality computer-based music engraving and layout and painstaking attention to details. Noteflakes publications are edited by Sharon Rosner, a performing musician with 10 years of experience editing the sacred music of Bach, as well as that of other baroque composers.

For each musical work in our catalog, we provide a score and a set of parts tailored for historically-informed performances. We also provide transposed parts for situations where the need may arise, for example, when performing early Bach cantatas, or performing Leipzig cantatas at Kammerton (A=415Hz) with an organ tuned at Chorton (A=465Hz). Our continuo parts are figured, with figures added where missing in the sources.

Our works are printed on quality paper, and are bound by hand. Our scores and parts are designed to have a distinctive look, while providing the most practical and legible solution for performing musicians.

We also offer custom editing services for our clients. We can provide either digital PDF files or printed scores and parts, transposed, with figured continuo parts or otherwise altered, all according to your wishes. For more information on our editing services please email us.

Past and present clients:

Noteflakes editions is run by musician and organ builder Sharon Rosner, based in the beautiful fields of Martigny-le-comte, Bourgogne, France. Noteflakes is a registered French micro-entreprise, and is TVA-exempt.