The Problem with Perfection

Is classical music really more relevant and engaging these days, when mistakes and out of tune notes are more and more seldom, and when there is arguably less difference in playing styles from one violinist to another than any time in history? Could it be that an unhealthy degree of clinical perfection, separation of composers and instrumentalists as professions and many other related issues are slowly killing the spirit of classical music life? Are we in danger of rotting from the core outwards? In the musical world, apart from in our classical musical genre, musicians are much more likely to compose their own music or part of it. Why is that so? And what does this lack of integration between disciplines do to classical music?

Henning Kraggerud

Fascista Americano

Hitler increasingly presented himself in messianic terms, promising “to lead Germany to a new era of national greatness,” though he was typically vague about his actual plans. He often harked back to a golden age for the country, Mr. Ullrich says, the better “to paint the present day in hues that were all the darker. Everywhere you looked now, there was only decline and decay.”

MICHIKO KAKUTANI reviewing the new Hitler biography by Volker Ullrich.

Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species

I find it really sad that so many (smart) people see no future for humanity on planet earth. The whole idea of “we trashed our planet, so let’s just leave it behind and find a new one to trash” is almost comically tragic.

If there’s one place I call home - it’s this planet. I for one wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Still, Musk is someone we should be listening to.