Johann Sebastian Bach

Cantata BWV 131 Aus der Tiefen rufe ich, Herr, zu dir

This edition of BWV 131 / BC B 25 is based on the old Bach-Gesellschaft-Ausgabe edition of 1881, for lack of access to any original sources. This work is considered one of Bach’s earliest sacred cantatas, dating from his time at Mühlhausen around 1707-1708.

Like most other early Bach cantatas, this work was intended for performance in Chorton pitch (a’ = 465Hz). The work was originally performed with all instruments and voices in Chorton→g, with the customary exception of the woodwinds. The oboe would have had to play anyway in Kammerton→a, otherwise its part would include an impossible note (see m. 292). The term “fagotto”, however, would normally suggest an instrument in Chorton.

The present edition preserves the original pitch intended by Bach, comprising two sets of performance materials, both score and parts, in Chorton→g and in Kammerton→a. Instead of the modern practice of cutting this work up into separate sections, we have chosen to preserve Bach’s original conception of the work as a single continuous music, in the tradition of the 17th-century German sacred concerto.